Latest News, Innovations, and Success Stories in Gas Turbine Repair

Gas turbine blade with microstructure in the background

Unlocking the Secrets of Gas Turbine Blade Management through Metallurgical Analysis

Metallurgical analysis unveils hidden issues, offering tailored solutions for gas turbine repairs and maintenance strategies. Liburdi's meticulous process uncovers material conditions and degradation, as seen in a case study where higher temperatures caused unexpected deterioration. These findings are crucial for informed decisions and improving engine reliability and efficiency. Dive into the secrets of gas turbine blade management with Liburdi Turbine Services' failure analysis services.

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Repaired RB211 Blades

LSR™ is a No-Brainer: Greener, Versatile, Faster High-Temperature Coatings for Gas Turbine Blades

Uncover the revolutionary LSR™ technology reshaping high temperature coatings for gas turbine blades. Liburdi Engineering introduces an innovative approach to gas turbine coatings, promising efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. Explore this game-changing alternative to traditional methods and step into the future of turbine component coatings.

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Repaired FT8 Fuel Nozzle

Pratt and Whitney FT8 Fuel Nozzle Repair: Liburdi's Breakthrough Solution Saves Millions for NCEMC

Discover the game-changing solution that saved North Carolina Electric Member Corporation (NCEMC) millions while revolutionizing FT8 fuel nozzle repair. Dive into the fascinating journey where Liburdi Turbine Services pinpointed the root cause, developed an innovative repair method, and conducted rigorous testing, leading to successfully restored fuel nozzles.

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Single crystal gas turbine

Unlocking the Future of Gas Turbine Repair: The Power of Full Solution Rejuvenation for Single Crystal Turbine Blades

Learn how Liburdi's Full Solution Rejuvenation (FSR) heat treatment can extend the life of expensive single crystal gas turbine blades, reducing maintenance costs. Explore the article for insights into this revolutionary technology's challenges, solutions, and success stories.

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Tachometer showing the remaing life of a gas turbine vane

Enhancing Gas Turbine Efficiency: How your Health Management System can Save You Money

Unlock the strategies that can significantly boost your gas turbine efficiency and save your company valuable resources. This comprehensive article delves into the world of Health Management Systems, shedding light on how they can revolutionize maintenance practices for gas turbines.

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CT Scan images of a gas turbine blade

Elevating Gas Turbine Repair through Computed Tomography Scanning

Explore how Liburdi Turbine Services enhances gas turbine repair with Computed Tomography Scanning (CT). This article delves into how CT technology overcomes traditional inspection limitations, especially for complex turbine blades. CT scanning offers a comprehensive view of internal geometry and defects, boosting inspection accuracy and confidence. Learn about the future of gas turbine maintenance and its impact on extending component life.

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Before and after repair of a gas turbine blade including microstructure

Revitalize Your Gas Turbine Blades with Liburdi's FSR® Process

Discover how Liburdi Turbines Services is revolutionizing gas turbine blade maintenance with our groundbreaking Full Solution Rejuvenation® (FSR®) process. This article unveils the remarkable technology that can restore gas turbine blades to "like new strength," effectively extending their service life beyond OEM limitations.

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Before and after of a repaired gas turbine vane using LPM

Liburdi's Innovative Approach to Gas Turbine Maintenance: LPM Revealed

LPM isn't just a product; it's a transformative process that breathes new life into damaged or worn-out gas turbine components. Explore the intricacies of LPM and learn how it can extend the life of your gas turbine parts, even in the face of thermo-mechanical fatigue and other challenges. With the ability to replace lost metal and build up surfaces, LPM offers innovative solutions that traditional methods can't match.

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Identifying and Addressing Oxidation Challenges in a Aeroderivative Gas Turbine

Explore a real-world case study in gas turbine engineering where Liburdi's expertise played a pivotal role in resolving costly issues. Discover how oxidation on high-pressure turbine (HPT) blades of an aeroderivative gas turbine was diagnosed and mitigated.

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