"I thought; 'Why scrap gas turbine parts that didn't meet their full potential?' "

That's why I started Liburdi Turbine Services. We're commited to providing high-quality, innovative solutions for the repair, maintenance, and performance enhancement of gas turbine components.

Joseph Liburdi, Founder
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Liburdi's Expert Team Delivers Exceptional Customer Solutions

Customers choose Liburdi Turbine Services for our expert team dedicated to delivering tailored solutions in aerospace and power generation. We excel in building long-term relationships, understanding unique needs, and providing exceptional service, resulting in a loyal customer base. At Liburdi Turbine Services, we're dedicated to helping our customers succeed.

How Liburdi Evolved from Humble Beginnings to Global Leader

Humble Beginnings and Innovation

Liburdi Turbine Services' journey started in a small repair shop in Toronto, Canada. Founded by Joseph Liburdi, fueled by a passion for gas turbines, the company aimed to revolutionize the industry. Joseph's innovative spirit led to groundbreaking techniques, rejuvenating turbine equipment and earning a reputation as an industry leader.

Liburdi Turbine Services Headquarters in Dundas Ontario
Liburdi Turbine Services Headquarters in Dundas Ontario

Global Expansion and Excellence

Responding to increasing demand, Joseph expanded the company globally, establishing a facility in the United States. Today, Liburdi Turbine Services operates in over 30 countries, providing comprehensive repair, maintenance, and performance enhancement services to gas turbine operators worldwide. The company's commitment to excellence has been a driving force behind its growth and success.

Future Vision and Commitment

Liburdi Turbine Services remains focused on the future. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, the company plans to invest in new technology and broaden its service offerings. Poised to remain a leader in gas turbine repair and maintenance, Liburdi Turbine Services looks forward to meeting the evolving needs of the industry for years to come.

Liburdi Turbine Services Headquarters in Dundas Ontario
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