Lowering Gas Turbine Repair Costs & Extending Component Life for Over 40 Years

Liburdi Turbine Services' Cutting-Edge Technologies Increase Efficiency and Reliability for Long-Term Gas Turbine Operation and Save You Money in the Long Run.
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Why Companies Trust Liburdi for Gas Turbine Maintenance

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Customized Solutions

"By choosing Liburdi Turbine Services, I gain top-quality and cost-effective repair and maintenance services for my gas turbine engines. With their certifications and advanced technologies, I have complete confidence that my engines are in capable hands."

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Maximize Your Gas Turbine Components with Liburdi

Full Solution Rejuvenation®

Extend your Gas Turbine Blade's service life beyond OEM limitations with our specialized FSR® restoration treatments.

Computed Tomography Scanning

CT scanning, like a high-tech X-ray, aids gas turbine repair by creating non-destructive, detailed images of the inside of the turbine, giving technicians an edge to detect problems and plan effective and more targeted maintenance.

LSR® Advanced REACH Compliant Coating Technology

Liburdi's REACH-compliant, eco-friendly LSR advanced coatings enhance gas turbine performance and extend component lifespan while minimizing maintenance costs, offering a cost-effective and sustainable solution for gas turbine users.

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