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Enhance Your Turbine Efficiency and Lifespan with Our Patented Full Solution Rejuvenation® Process

Bypass the need to retire gas turbine blades frequently
Reduce waste and promote sustainability
Save hundreds of thousands on replacement costs
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Full Solution Rejuvenation Gas Turbine Blade Before and After

Don't Replace Your Gas Turbine Components, Rejuvenate Them!

Cut costs on gas turbine replacement parts with Liburdi Turbine Services' Full Solution Rejuvenation® process. With a 45-year-proven track record, this process has rejuvenated over 500,000 blades. Liburdi offers a 90% repair yield rate and matches New Part OEM warranties. Save hundreds of thousands of dollars and extend turbine life by multiple service intervals while promoting sustainability. Trust Liburdi for cost savings, extended service life, and a greener future with more efficient gas turbines.

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Extended Service Life

Liburdi's blades last 2-3 extra intervals beyond OEM limits, saving you money.

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Cuts Capital Costs

New capital parts are the most significant costs of maintaining gas turbine engines, with FSR® these costs can be avoided.

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OEM Quality or Better

Liburdi’s proprietary FSR® process returns each part to meet or exceed the original part properties, reducing operational risks.

The FSR® Process

Liburdi specializes in revitalizing gas turbine components, customizing treatments to your exact specifications, and accounting for manufacturing methods. Our FSR® treatments, designed for various gas turbine blade alloys, utilize an exclusive stripping process for high-temperature applications, alongside top-quality coating replacements to meet your operational needs.

Microstructure of Gas Turbine parts based on service life
Chart showing part service time and how Full Solution Rejuvenation increases gas turbine part life

We Re-Certify Gas Turbine Blades

We subject our products to the exacting standards of ASTM E139 Stress-Rupture Test, and here's what it means for you: FSR® doesn't just meet, but consistently exceeds the OEM new-part test specification. It not only reverses the deterioration in test results caused by service hours but ensures the complete restoration of test properties. With Liburdi, you're not just repairing a part; you're elevating it to a level of performance that stands unrivaled.

Proven Results for Operators for 45 Years

Liburdi's proven process, developed in 1979, is now the industry standard for high-performance blade alloys such as MM247, GTD111, and Rene 80. Blades can undergo multiple FSR® rejuvenations, extending their service life significantly. Some sets achieve over 100,000+ hours of operation and surpass expectations, offering unmatched reliability.

Before and after images of repaired gas turbine blades using full solution rejuvenation

What our customers have to say

Plant Procurement Manager, Frame 7EA fleet:

"On our 7EAs Liburdi has consistently refurbished the Hot Gas components to a high standard, which has permitted life time extensions to many of these components beyond that of OEM limits.

Liburdi has consistently demonstrated high quality workmanship, provided excellent customer service and innovations that are all to their customers benefit. Based upon our experience, I would not hesitate to recommend Liburdi Turbine Services Inc to any businesses that are considering their support."

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More reasons to rejuvenate with Liburdi

Improved Efficency
Extended Lifespan
Enhanced Reliability
Improved Safety
Customized Solutions
Cost Effective
Minimal Downtime
Comprehensive Service
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