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Expert insights on gas turbine repairs, rejuvenation, and cutting-edge solutions

Picture of a Liburdi Engineer with a turbine rotor in the background

Liburdi's LSR™: High-Temperature Coatings for Gas Turbine Blades

Metallurgist, Robyn Reis, explores high temperature coatings for gas turbine blades, emphasizing Liburdi's environmentally friendly, REACH compliant, aluminide process LSR™. The talk delves into the crucial role of coatings in enhancing durability against corrosion and wear in both cold and hot sections.

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Picture of Liburdi Engineer with turbine vanes showing before repair and after repair using LPM

Gas Turbine Services: Introduction to LPM® Liburdi Powder Metallurgy

Justin Kuipers introduces Liburdi Powder Metallurgy (LPM®), a game-changing repair technique with over 30 years of proven success in gas turbine component repair. Learn how LPM®, an FAA-approved process, outperforms welding by providing enhanced strength, reduced cracking, and the capability to repair larger gap sizes up to 10 times.

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Liburdi Engineer smiling with a turbine rotor in the background

Gas Turbine Repair: Practical Experience with the Development of FSR® Rejuvenation

Kevin Wiens delves into the world of high-temperature turbine blade components, discussing the diverse alloy types and microstructural changes they undergo due to exposure. Learn how full solution rejuvenation can extend the life of these components by addressing degradation over service intervals. The presentation features compelling examples showcasing the successful application of rejuvenation, highlighting its impact on stress rupture strength.

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