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Maximize Gas Turbine Potential with Expert Component Analysis from Liburdi Turbine Services!

Are you tired of the costly and disruptive breakdowns that plague your gas turbine equipment? These unexpected issues not only lead to significant downtime and revenue loss but also bring about the stress and frustration of dealing with repairs. Fortunately, Liburdi Turbine Services offers a solution through its advanced Component Failure and Life Analysis services. Our experts employ state-of-the-art techniques to swiftly pinpoint the root causes of failures, minimizing downtime and the risk of recurring problems. Additionally, our Component Life Analysis services allow you to plan maintenance activities proactively, saving you money in the long term by scheduling them during planned downtime. Don't let unplanned failures and downtime halt your operations; trust Liburdi Turbine Services for expert analysis and recommendations to keep your equipment performing at its peak.

Integrated Problem-Solving

Our team offers a unified approach to analyzing gas turbine failures, bringing diverse skills for holistic solutions.

Computerized Analysis

We use advanced programs for precise, data-driven insights, helping you make informed decisions on gas turbine parts.

Metallurgical Insight

We examine hot gas components thoroughly, providing detailed insights for cost-effective repair or replacement.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach Enhances Gas Turbine Performance

Liburdi's team of skilled engineers brings expertise in various fields, including engine and component design, aerodynamics, metallurgy, and more. With this diverse knowledge, we analyze turbine failures comprehensively, identifying root causes and offering solutions to prevent recurrence. Our advanced computer programs and analytical capabilities cover everything from stress and flow analysis to rotor dynamics, ensuring optimal gas turbine performance.

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Leading the Industry in Metallurgical Component Assessment

At Liburdi, we excel in metallurgical examination of hot gas path components to assess their remaining service life. We go beyond mere damage characterization, quantifying material degradation and providing informed, cost-effective repair or replacement recommendations. Our techniques, detailed in the "Gas Turbine Blade Life Assessment and Repair Guide," have set industry standards, and we continue to advance our methods for even more valuable insights.

Revolutionizing Disc Life Assessment with Finite Element Analysis

Liburdi introduces a cutting-edge approach to determining disc life in gas turbines. While blades and vanes face hot, corrosive conditions, discs endure extreme stress loads. Our mechanical design methodology, employing finite element stress analysis, allows us to accurately calculate disc life expectancy. This modern approach provides a more accurate alternative to outdated component life estimates, ensuring long-lasting and reliable gas turbine operation.

finite element stress of a gas turbine blade

What our customers have to say

Strategic Spares Co-Ordinator

"Liburdi have carried out repairs to [11N2] Turbine Blades, Turbine Vanes, Segments and EV Burners. A substantial number of parts that had suffered impact damage to the gas washed surfaces were sent to Liburdi for life analysis and an assessment of their reparability. The vast majority of the components were classified as repairable, and following the repair process re‐ entered service for another operational cycle (approx.24,000 hours)."

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Interdisciplinary Failure Analysis
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Multi-Perspective Problem Identification
Component Modification and Redesign
Advanced Computer Analysis Programs
Comprehensive Heat Transfer Analysis
Cooling Flow and Network Analysis
Computational Fluid Dynamics Assessment
Rotor Dynamics Expertise
Turbine Aerodynamic Optimization

Frequently Asked Questions

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